Power Boats

The History of the

Rossiter Power Boat

As much as George Rossiter loved to row, he also understood that people needed a safe, practical powerboat at times. So in 1997 he designed the Rossiter 14 to be a small seaworthy powerboat which offers a soft, dry and stable ride as well being fuel efficient and as fun to drive as the Loudon is to row.

George was also aware that a well-designed boat must have good balance. When it is going along, a well-designed boat will lift over waves evenly along its length, not just at the bow. The basic angles of deadrise (the amount of V in the bottom) along its length change slightly to shed water and give a soft ride at the bow and then provide enough lift at the stern. The Rossiter 14 was designed with a ‘lifting pad’ at the stern to provide more lift and improve efficiency. The beam/length ratio is also very important as a boat that is too narrow will be very tippy and a boat that is too wide will be inefficient. George worked very hard to see that the design features of the wooden prototype were carried through into this sturdy fiberglass design.

And as storage space is often a problem in a small boat with no place to keep required items like rope, lifejackets, tools, bumpers, throwing lines or flashlights George added well ventilated and self draining lockers with the hatch arrangement designed to keep the locker contents dry. And the stern deck easily accommodates a battery case while the liner is arranged to provide side stowage of longer items like paddles and fishing rods. Other details such as a nonskid finish on the cockpit floor and the coaming around the deck which keeps out the spray and makes it easy to snap on the cover all make the Rossiter 14 safe, easy to keep clean and all your gear organized.

George took two years to design and build the Rossiter 14 prototype, taking great care in the details both inside and out. Details which you would normally only expect to find on much larger and more expensive boats.


For years proud owners of our Rossiter 14 power boat asked if we would build a runabout with the same classic look, fit and finish, and unbeatable soft, dry ride that thrives in big water … but with just a little more room and horsepower. So together with a top design team we created the Rossiter 17 Center Console and Runabout models knowing that some like to feel the wind in their hair while others want the protection of a full windshield and canvas. We also took full advantage of the latest in computer-aided design and 3D modeling to insure that the hull performance and engineering delivered the stability, performance and sea-keeping characteristics you’ve come to expect from a Rossiter power boat. Not to mention the fact that both models offer self-draining cockpits.

Powered by either 90 or 115 horses, either of these two Rossiters can take the whole family out for a day of picnicking and waterskiing or haul supplies back and forth with ease … all the while looking and acting like nothing else on the water.




We’ll be at the Newport International Boat Show
September 14 – 17 and the  Norwalk Boat Show September 21 – 24 in Norwalk, CT